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Aglianico del Vulture


Volcanic land, steeply sloping, transformed into terraces. Surrounded by broom, almond and olive trees, with Mount Vulture to the west, an enchanting view. In front is the intense green of the Croce Plain, and to the south, the gentle Cerro with its wide valley.

The vines are certainly nourished by the good soil, but also by the beauty surrounding them; by the perfumes of broom and acacia, by impalpable auras that you can only recognise when you encounter them.

This land produces our Organic Aglianico del Vulture D.O.C. Arcidiaconata, which is deep red and presents aromas of ripe red berries, spices and notes of liquorice.

Aglianico del Vulture


Three hectares of good vineyards on fertile ground, enhanced by lapillus and ash from the volcano and then broken up, worked and cared for over a long time. Underneath there is still solid tuff, to restore the roots during the dry season, so the vines do not suffer even in the hottest summers.

The view is enchanting and the horizon, dominated by an enormous pine, is vast. In front is Serre hill, and all around are broom, olive and solid oak trees, creating a unique, rare environment. In autumn, the bunches of grapes come out sparse and well-nourished, with solid skins, rich in humours.

The low production, which after the thinning out in late summer does not exceed 30/40 quintals per hectare, and is further reduced by the selection of bunches during the harvest, allows this extraordinary land to create perfumed wines that are persistent and warm, in which the tone of the best Aglianico is expressed to the fullest.